Our Team

Our Team

The biggest difference between an average and a great lab is its staff. Because of this, GPS Digital Dental Lab always strives to bring years of experience and the most highly trained technicians to the bench. Our reputation as leaders in dentistry has enabled us to attract a management team that brings decades of experience to our lab, ensuring quality services and customer support.

Andrew Perricone


Andrew has been around the dental industry for as long as he can remember. Andrew’s grandfather was a dentist who practiced in the DC area. Andrew spent his summers in high school working at the lab, and eventually graduated the Dental Technology Program at Indian River Community College in 2007. With 10 years of CAD/CAM management under his belt, he has transitioned into the role of Owner of GPS Digital Dental Lab. He is an active member of Florida Dental Lab Association (FDLA), National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL), and is a graduate of the NADL University Program. He enjoys spending time with his wife, and active son, James, and is an avid follower of premier league soccer. Go Liverpool!

Ivan Martinez

CDT Implant Supported Full Arch Manager

Ivan is a Certified Dental Technician with over three decades of experience in the dental industry. He specializes in Full Arch cases, designing them with Exocad and 3Shape software. He also has extensive chairside experience, working alongside some of the most renowned oral surgeons and prosthodontists in Florida. He ensures quality and accuracy for all Full Arch cases, delivering the best service possible to our clients. Ivan’s career began in Baltimore MD, where he learned the art of removable dentistry from his father, a removable technician since the 1970s. He moved to Orlando 17 years ago and joined GPS Dental Lab. He also ran his own removable lab for a decade, before becoming a permanent member of the GPS Lab team. He has been a Full Arch case specialist for the last six years.

Stephen Solanick

Crown and Bridge Manager

Steve, A native Floridian,  got his start in dental technology at his father’s Crown and Bridge lab in 1994 where he worked until he had the opportunity to work for NDX in 2013. He Initially specialized in fixed implant prosthetics, becoming the Fixed Implant Manager, and then was promoted to manage the Crown and Bridge Department shortly after. Then In 2020, he had the opportunity to further his career as Crown and Bridge Manager at GPS Digital Dental Lab. He finds the position highly rewarding, being able to use his years of knowledge to help with problem solving, building client relationships and improving patient’s quality of life. In his free time, he enjoys playing golf, hiking and outdoor activities.

Basilio “B” Marrero

Removables Manager

After completing training in marketing and management in Puerto Rico, Basilio Marrero moved to Rochester, NY to train as a Dental Technician under his brother’s mentorship. Basilio quickly developed a passion for dental technologies and decided to expand his knowledge in this field. He began managing the Flexible department, where he demonstrated his exceptional managerial skills. After a few years as a department manager, Basilio was promoted to the position of Removables Manager at GPS. In this role, he oversees the Removables department and ensures the smooth functioning of operations. Basilio is highly engaged in the industry and actively seeks opportunities to enhance his expertise. When he is not exploring new technologies or equipment, he dedicates his time to learning about team management and interacting with customers to provide them with the best possible experience. Basilio actively participates in continuing education programs, such as those offered by the FDLA (Florida Dental Laboratory Association). He also enjoys attending Lab Day Chicago, which is the largest conference for dental technicians in the USA.

Basilio is currently working towards obtaining his CDT (Certified Dental Technician) certification in Removables. His dedication to professional development reflects his commitment to delivering high-quality services. Outside of work, Basilio has a passion for extreme sports. During his free time, you can find him surfing, skating, or riding motorcycles. He shares these thrilling experiences with his beautiful wife, who is also an enthusiast of extreme sports. In the lab, we affectionately refer to Basilio as “B.” He is always ready to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Please feel free to reach out to him for a discussion regarding your next case.

Ruben Duany

MDT, CDT Porcelain Manager

Ruben Duany, MDT, CDT, serves as the Porcelain Manager at GPS Digital Dental Lab, a frontrunner in cosmetic dentistry. He graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Dental Technology from McCarry School and completed his MDT at NYU School of Dentistry. With nearly three decades of experience, Ruben excels in assisting clinicians with implant solutions and high-precision dental restorations. His exceptional work has been featured in numerous magazines. He possesses expertise in both Press and CAD/CAM technology. Constantly embracing the unique challenges of cosmetic dentistry, Ruben’s drive stems from his passion to provide patients with a rejuvenated reason to smile.

Brian Pliner

CAD Manager

With a background as a dental technician at NDX in Wisconsin from 2014 to 2016 and an Implant Manager at a boutique lab in Kansas from 2016 to 2022, Brian has acquired extensive expertise in the full production of fixed prosthetics. He is driven by his passion for design and technology, which he applies both in his work and his hobbies. As the leader of the CAD department, he guides the CAD team in using advanced design and software skills and tackles the challenges of digital dentistry.

Chelsea Tanner

Administrative Manager

Chelsea graduated from the University of Central Florida in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, with a focus on communication and language, and a minor in marketing. She started working at the lab in 2015 as a Marketing Manager and later transitioned to the role of Administrative Manager in 2018. In her current role, Chelsea handles accounts payable and receivable, payroll, human resources, and new employee setup. Chelsea and Andrew have been married since 2016, and she gave birth to their son, James, in 2020 during the pandemic. Chelsea enjoys gardening, music, podcasts, dancing, crafting, and food.

Bridget Martinez

Front Office Manager

Bridget began her career in 1992 at a dental laboratory in Baltimore, where she started in the shipping department. She quickly worked her way up to the Office Manager. In 2007, Bridget moved to Florida with her husband Ivan and started working at GPS Dental Lab as the Front Office Manager. Her responsibilities include overseeing receiving and entering cases, billing and shipping, scheduling local pick-up and delivery by drivers, and training new employees. Bridget has two daughters and two granddaughters. After losing her daughter unexpectedly in 2020, Bridget and Ivan adopted Layla about a year later. Bridget is a die-hard Ravens fan and enjoys football, swimming, spending time with her family, and her boxer, Big Mac.

Letha Ludwig

Key Accounts Manager

Letha started her career in 1982 at Dental Arts Laboratory in Peoria, Illinois, her hometown. She relocated to central Florida in 1989 to enjoy the warm and sunny climate. She has been a valued team member since 1997, when she transitioned from ADA Dental Lab after Gail’s partial acquisition of the company. Letha has continued to contribute to the success of GPS Dental Lab from then on. She is responsible for maintaining healthy customer relationships. She also assists the team with product and manufacturing needs, and business development/maintenance, drawing on her extensive experience in the dental lab industry. Outside of work, she likes to spend time outdoors, especially on her boat with her friends.

Clay Scott

Special Projects Manager

Clay is a Florida native who has been working in the dental lab industry since 2013. He began his career at a large corporate lab, where he traveled to various locations to implement new software, workflows and technology, overtime becoming a Lab Administrator. Clay joined GPS in late 2021 as a temporary lab administrator, covering for our colleague who was on maternity leave. After she returned, Clay took on a special project role, leveraging his expertise across different laboratory settings. He is currently in charge of maintaining our dental lab software and other I.T. needs, and collaborating with department managers to support healthy business strategies and new processes/procedures. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family (wife, son and daughter), riding his motorcycle, and doing outdoor activities.