Implant Supported Full Arch

Implant Supported Full Arch

Ivan Martinez

CDT Implant Supported Full Arch Manager

Ivan is a Certified Dental Technician with over three decades of experience in the dental industry. He specializes in Full Arch cases, designing them with Exocad and 3Shape software. He also has extensive chairside experience, working alongside some of the most renowned oral surgeons and prosthodontists in Florida. He ensures quality and accuracy for all Full Arch cases, delivering the best service possible to our clients. Ivan’s career began in Baltimore MD, where he learned the art of removable dentistry from his father, a removable technician since the 1970s. He moved to Orlando 17 years ago and joined GPS Dental Lab. He also ran his own removable lab for a decade, before becoming a permanent member of the GPS Lab team. He has been a Full Arch case specialist for the last six years.

Zirconia Hybrid w/ Ti bases

Zirconia Hybrid w/ Integrated Bar

Denture Hybrid w/ Integrated Bar

Panthera Diamart Hybrid

Pekkton Thimble Bar Hybrid with all Ceramic Crowns

Micron Mapper Chairside Scanning Solution