Crown and Bridge

Crown and Bridge

Stephen Solanick

Crown and Bridge Manager

Steve, A native Floridian,  got his start in dental technology at his father’s Crown and Bridge lab in 1994 where he worked until he had the opportunity to work for NDX in 2013. He Initially specialized in fixed implant prosthetics, becoming the Fixed Implant Manager, and then was promoted to manage the Crown and Bridge Department shortly after. Then In 2020, he had the opportunity to further his career as Crown and Bridge Manager at GPS Digital Dental Lab. He finds the position highly rewarding, being able to use his years of knowledge to help with problem solving, building client relationships and improving patient’s quality of life. In his free time, he enjoys playing golf, hiking and outdoor activities.

Ruben Duany

MDT, CDT Porcelain Manager

Ruben Duany, MDT, CDT, serves as the Porcelain Manager at GPS Digital Dental Lab, a frontrunner in cosmetic dentistry. He graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Dental Technology from McCarry School and completed his MDT at NYU School of Dentistry. With nearly three decades of experience, Ruben excels in assisting clinicians with implant solutions and high-precision dental restorations. His exceptional work has been featured in numerous magazines. He possesses expertise in both Press and CAD/CAM technology. Constantly embracing the unique challenges of cosmetic dentistry, Ruben’s drive stems from his passion to provide patients with a rejuvenated reason to smile.

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